Each time you come in for your appointment, you get the chance to earn KID$ KA$H! Your goal is to save the KID$ KA$H that you earn, which can later be redeemed for a gift card to Five Below or Target! Click on the KID$ KA$H logo below to sign up for KID$ KA$H if you are not currently enrolled. Remember, you never have to keep tabs of your balance. You can text us anytime for a balance,

How do I earn my KID$ KA$H?

Each dollar amount acts as a point toward your goal. You will receive your KA$H in the office, but don’t worry about losing it because your friendly staff at Bala Kids Dentistry will also keep track of the KA$H you earn and redeem! We will give you a receipt of your balance when you leave 

– First appointment: $5

– On-time arrival: $1

– 6-month cleaning: $5

– Cavity-free dental visit: $5

– Wear official Bala Kids t-shirt to our office: $5

– Take a photo wearing your Bala Kids t-shirt and tag us on social media: $5
    (redeemable one time only per patient)

– Referring a friend or family member: $10

– Like us on social media while in the office: $5 ($5 for each social media site)
   (or message us with your social media handle once you follow us)

– Check in at Bala Kids Dentistry on your social media account while in the office: $5

– Take a photo of you in your Bala Kids shirt and your smile and tag us on social media: $5
    * This is a one time reward per child. 

– *Arrange a visit at your school for our education program!: $40 
    * Points will be applied once the school visit takes place

How can I redeem my KA$H?

$15 kids kash: double-dip in our treasure box!

$25 kids kash: $5 gift card to Target or Five Below!

$50 kids kash: $10 gift card to Target or Five Below!

KA$H Rules:

– Points and prices are subject to change!

– Points cannot be transferred to another patient