Bala Kids Dentistry Mission Statement

We will practice with compassion, treating all of our patients with respect and individuality as each patient and family has different needs. We will strive to always have our patients’ best interest at heart. We will create a “dental home” for our patients, providing:

Our goal is to provide exceptional pediatric dentistry care for children of all ages, as well as the special needs patient.

  1. To provide a service that will meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our patients while allowing time for continued professional and personal fulfillment
  2. To treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness and understanding
  3. To provide an accurate and honest assessment for dental diseases and conditions requiring treatment
  4. To create an individualized preventive dental health program for all our patients
  5. To guide our patients regarding growth and development issues (teething, habits and orthodontics)
  6. To provide emergency services when a child sustains trauma to their face or mouth or in need of urgent care
  7. To provide preventive care for proper care of the child’s teeth and gum
  8. To discuss and provide information about proper nutritional practices.
  9. To offer comprehensive dental care in accordance with accepted guidelines and care schedules for pediatric dental health.
  10. To serve the community through preventive dentistry, educational programs and other outreach projects
  11. To offer the latest technology and equipment to treat our patients
  12. That all employees in this practice will provide services to our patients in a kind, respectful and courteous manner.
  13. We are confident that our services and friendly staff will exceed your expectations